Party Poker

If the recent market reports are credible, Party Poker is not only one of the best, but also THE best poker site on the internet.

If you are the type of player who does not like to wait to play, then you will love the fast exchange of information and the constant presence of activity at Party Poker.

In this concrete analysis we will put the best (and worst) features of Party Poker on the table.

The Web site

If you are moving from an online casino to a specific Poker site, then you may be disappointed with Party Poker’s austere design and uninteresting layout. The main page is simple to the point of being spartan and the graphics lacking. However, if you are looking for a place to play Poker that gets you right into the game, or if you are new to the online casino environment in general, and are looking for an experience as close as possible to the game of real poker, then you will be better off. you are comfortable with Party Poker’s linear style and with the ease with which you navigate its pages and rooms. This Spartan Design may seem boring; nevertheless it turns out to be easy to use.

The good news is that although the game tables are designed in a simple way, favoring a quick and pleasant game with their design, they are still pleasing to look at and well made.

Few international players will not be accepted: thanks to the possibility to choose between 13 languages, players from the USA are also allowed. The only negative aspect is that the only accepted currencies are the dollar and the pound.

Party Poker goes further than other traditional online casinos by offering both free play and paid play, giving new players the opportunity to experience the game before investing any money.

Party Poker Software is supported by the “Partygaming” group and is supported by the iGlobalMedia program.

This software not only provides the high quality of play that online poker enthusiasts have come to expect from larger poker rooms, it also has the power and technology to support some new and unique features.

Experienced players will be delighted to learn that Party Poker’s table filtering system ensures that they can find exactly the tournament or paid game they want without difficulty.

It is also possible to resize the game tables, so that multi-table players can watch different games in progress.

Other software features include the ability to turn off animations, adapt buttons, follow personal stats, and follow opponent’s stats via player notes.

Players who like to focus on the game can turn off avatars and chat, while players who come to socialize can alternately create participant lists and private tables.

Regardless of how you customize your account, the game remains smooth and reliable.

Bonuses and Promotions

Party Poker is very generous with its promotions with both new members and players already on the site.

While the first deposit bonus is an occasional and paltry 20% per game, other times Party Poker offers an instant cash bonus of up to $ 75 (this is done by finding the right invaluable code).

Tables and tournaments, weekly freeroll entries and a variety of monthly promotions ranging from themed tournaments to special event prize pools are also offered to new players.